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Description of LiqCalc - Liquid Calculator

LiqCalc is the perfect App for every vaper! No matter how your liquid/E-juice is calculated, using the user-friendly interface will make the calculation fast & easy!
Liquid calculator is suitable for beginners & experienced vaper! With this extensive collection of tools you will be able to solve all the problems of a typical vaper day.

Liquid Calculators
Base + Flavor (+additional Flavors): Mix base with flavors. How much base & flavor do I need for a desired amount of finished liquid.
Base + Flavor (Advanced): Dilute nicotine base and mix with flavors. Dilute high nicotine base in desired VG/PG/H2O content and mix with flavors. Can also be used for bunker base.
Base + Base + Flavor: Mix several bases and flavors. Calculate the required amount of each component to get the desired nicotine strength & flavor percentage.
Base mixer: Mix bases. Mix different bases into one base.
Nicotine Shots: Various calculators for calculating a mix with nicotine shots.
Amount liquid from Flavor: Calculate how much liquid can be mixed based on a given amount of flavor and mixing ratio.
Flavor reduce/increase: Change the aroma content. Increase or decrease the proportion of the aroma.
Shake & Vape: Mix flavor concentrate with nicotine shots to achieve a desired nicotine strength.

Performance Calculator: Calculation of voltage, current, resistance & power.
Battery Calculator: Calculate your battery running time or how often you can pull with your settings on the e-cigarette.
Savings Calculator: Calculate your savings compared to tobacco consumption.

Other Features
My Recipes:
- All information at a glance: Total amount, PG/VG/H2O-ratio, base and flavor/s in milliliters and grams
- Save all your calculations
- Automatic backup in your account
- Notification function for the steep period
- Take a recipe into the respective liquid calculator and refine / change it
- Make notes and rate your recipes
- Share your recipes with friends
Coil Reminder:
- Save your inserted coils
- Keep track - when was the coil used, maker, model, resistance, notes
- Notification function for coil change

We take privacy seriously!
LiqCalc requires minimal permissions on your device. We do our best to comply with the new data protection laws (GDPR). You have full control over your data. We stay transparent so you can always see what's being stored about you.

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